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Accxia: A four step process for protecting Atlassian I.T. licensing budgets that delivers Scalability - Security and Control - and saves you $100k+

Accxia: A four step process for protecting Atlassian I.T. licensing budgets that delivers Scalability - Security and Control - and saves you $100k+

Accxia's proven solution that guarantees significant cost savings, scalability and control to your on-going Atlassian tools investment


THE DESIRED OUTCOME (CSS2) = Cost Savings & Scalability2
COMPONENT 1 (DCL) = Atlassian Data Center Licencing
COMPONENT 2 (IUM) = Accxia's Intelligent User Management Addon
COMPONENT 3 (LC) = Accxia Atlassian Licensing Instance Consolidation

COMPONENT 4 (APC) = Accxia's Private Cloud

Looks and sounds complicated, right? In fact it's extremely simple and straight forward (if not‘ yet’ quite as well known as E=MC2) It is a bespoke combination of strategic initiatives delivered directly to you and exclusively through Accxia that provides our clients with a clear, concise and cost effective choice - as opposed to what is widely believed as an inevitable and expensive migration to the Atlassian public Cloud between now and February 2024.

 Firstly, some facts....

  • Atlassian Server Licensing is to be retired in February 2024
    Well in fact, it’s already in the process of being retired! Between now and 2024, you are unable to buy new server licensing – only upgrade to the next licence tier or renew your current licence tier support subscription.
So, what are my options?
  • Remain on server licensing until Feb 2024? Licences upgrades are expensive and support will over time be gradually phased out.
  • Migrate your on-premise server Atlassian licensing estate to the Atlassian Cloud? Again, a potentially very expensive option and complex migration, particularly on Premium support with your data residing in a very large public cloud and an obviously large target for Cyber criminals and Ransomware attacks plus a strategic vendor partner that you can't even speak to in person - only communicate through tickets
  • Upgrade your server licences to Datacenter Licences? Can be an expensive route unless managed with our App IUM (intelligent User Management).

"Accxia, believe and are committed to deliver an alternative - more cost effective choice to our clients than the Atlassian Cloud. A choice that ensures our clients retain control - their I.T. budgets are protected and that efficient platform management (instead of pure consumption) is achieved"

  • So lets now look at the 4 elements of our formula... 
  • Step 1: DCL (Upgrade to Datacenter Licensing and expect to recover the cost)
  • Is there a cost attached? Yes - at first glance there is an uplift in DC licensing cost but this will be mitigated within our ‘formula’ using IUM. The outcome is that you will ultimately pay less and remain in control and equally as important - under your own terms – not Atlassian's!
  • Will Atlassian retire DC Licensing? Absolutely not. Although the common strategy is to drive users of Atlassian tools towards to their own public cloud and hosting environment, Atlassian have no plans to retire DC Licensing. DC licensing is therefore validated.
  • Step 2: IUM (Deploy Accxia's App IUM (Intelligent User Management) and immediately start to save money)
  • Why should I do this, and what does IUM actually do? Critical savings on license costs, including Atlassian Marketplace Apps, are achieved with Intelligent User Management (IUM). IUM is a solution designed and available exclusively through Accxia directly ensuring that all active users can use the Atlassian tools, whilst inactive users are temporarily placed in the so-called "disabled" bucket until they become active again. IUM manages this process seamlessly in the background, unnoticed by users but trusted by many organisations across the world.
  • What are the benefits to me? The deployment of IUM means that significant cost saving can be achieved by remaining on the current user licensing tier (or even in certain cases reducing it) without the need to upgrade until 'concurrent'  licence usage equals the licence tier limit. A recent case study demonstrated that a client using a 2000 user instance of Jira with approaching 2000 registered users only in fact had 180 concurrent users at peak time usage - completely negating the need to upgrade Jira and all the associated Apps from 2000 users to 10,000 users..... a saving of $100,000 dollars!
  • What is the cost of IUM? The cost of IUM is not binary. The investment into IUM is calculated at 40% of the upgrade cost to the next Atlassian server or DC licensing tier. IUM therefore immediately delivers a clear cost saving in its own right.
  • Step 3: LC (If you have more than one Atlassian instance - Allow Accxia (using IUM) to help consolidate your businesses instances into just one and start to save money)
  • What are the benefits? Ease of management with all Atlassian users on one instance instead of working in a siloed state. Additionally, IUM becomes even more powerful when applied to consolidated Atlassian instances. Accxia – through licence consolidation and IUM deployment have recently downgraded a clients server licensing from ‘unlimited users’ to 500 users on Datacenter licensing!
  • Step 4: APC (Accxia Private Cloud. Migrate your on premises server or DC Atlassian instances into our Private Cloud)
  • Tell me more about the Accxia Private Cloud The Accxia Private Cloud consists of two data centres, both of which are located in Germany. Accxia attach huge importance to a secure configuration, data protection and privacy policies. Our servers and infrastructure are updated continuously with all the very latest security updates. All environments are client-specific - there is no division of compute resources between different clients. Each client is allocated the resources they need to operate their instances. Accxia combine the advantages of a cloud solution with the security of an on-premise solution. You benefit from all the advantages without having to store your data with a public cloud provider such as Amazon, Microsoft or Atlassian's. The data storage, including the backup files, are hosted exclusively in Germany and do not leave the country. Our technology is based on the latest container technologies, which allow our teams to make changes and extensions in the shortest possible time. In emergency situations, Accxia's helpdesk reacts immediately and, in the event of a total failure, return your instances to an operational state again within a very short SLA. Furthermore, Accxia offer the advantage of absolute scalability are are always ready to react quickly to your immediate up scale and down scale requirements. Accxia offers a secure and future-oriented way to host your Atlassian instances and indeed any other critical cloud service requirements you may have.... Safe, cyber secure, flexible and always adapted personally to your current and future requirements.
  • These four combined initiatives of our formula deliver Cost Saving and Scalability... squared!  (CSS2)
  • In addition to these cost saving and management control benefits - Accxia are an authorised Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Partner delivering Advanced Cyber Secure Backup, Advanced DR, Advanced Cyber Security and Advanced Endpoint Management - all on a pay-as-you-go or an annualised or quarterly contract basis! ONE Solution - ONE Agent - ONE Console

There has never been a better reason to choose Accxia as your Atlassian and global I.T. Cloud and Digitisation Partner

If you would like to discuss our winning formula and the cost saving benefits achievable - please simply click one of the links below. We are here and looking forward to discussing and assisting you with all your Atlassian and other Cloud Hosting requirements

Accxia // Think Security - Think Accxia //


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