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3 min read

Concurrent licensing and how it can benefit your Atlassian users?

What is concurrent licensing? Concurrent licensing, also known as floating licensing, it's an alternative...
5 min read

Unlocking the Potential of Atlassian Data with AI

In an era where data is the lifeblood of businesses, managing and leveraging it effectively can make or break an...
3 min read

Thousands of Server Licenses are to stay - and Grow!

Your Atlassian Server licenses keep on living beyond February, 15th - and can grow with you as you grow your user base.
1 min read

Breathe new life into your server licenses

Your Atlassian Server licenses don't need to die on the 15th of February. With Accxia's Frozen Release you can...
1 min read

Atlassian Server EOL - Time to save big

Welcome to the fourth quarter, the time when most IT departments are working hard to tie up loose ends and complete...
3 min read

Geo-redundant Backup - Perception and reality

It sometimes comes as a surprise that even accomplished IT professionals seem to take an undifferentiated view of...
3 min read

Project management with Mattermost Boards

Everyone knows it. Tasks pile up, something constantly comes up and it becomes confusing to distribute all projects or...
1 min read

IT Security requires specialist expertise

Complex, multi-layered cyber attacks have become commonplace. They threaten not only large, international...
3 min read

Why a Cloud First Strategy should be considered

Cloud computing offers a plethora of benefits to a wide variety of organisations. In the past, organisations spent a...