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Data Management in the Cloud

We are building a diverse range of apps and cloud native microservices designed to facilitate the digitisation of business processes.

Our mission is simple: Introducing low- to zero touch technology to get more out of everyday processes at a fraction of the costs.



NFC Tracking App

Eliminate paper work, errors and fraud

As the pandemic gives rise to the need for real-time tracking and traceability, we have developed the NFC Tracking App. It is a mobile tracking app for Andoid and iOS devices aimed at organisation with a large remote work force .

The NFC Tracking App helps care organisations by ensuring their professionals receive critical data to carry out the right treatments to the highest standards and at the correct costs. The health care worker uses her mobile device to tap the token hidden in the wrist band of the patient to identify herself and receive critical information and a list of treatments to be carried out.

All data is processed through the Accxia Private Cloud. At the backend we connect with Jira, for instance, where tickets are being updated and workflows adhered to. Audit trails are in place to safeguard all stakeholders, time is tracked and invoices can be created.

There are many more use cases. Click below to find out more.

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tracking app

Banking App - ARC-M

ARC-M is our Automated Regulatory Compliance - Management solution. It is a centralised automated distribution solution for effective regulatory compliance management.

New or amended regulatory procedures are being pushed into Jira every morning at 4am ensuring up-to-date compliance.

We manage 50+ regulatory data sources across Germany, Europe and the US.

At the bank, processes are triggered that implement any changes to the regulatory body, ensuring a fast and effective roll-out of actions.

A departure from manual processes and a reduction in reliance on email has not only improved speed and accuracy, but crucially, it has created an audit trail that stands up to scrutiny by the financial authorities.

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Marketplace Apps

Our Marketplace Apps help enterprises extend their Atlassian and Grape instances. These Apps are built to extend the functionalities of Jira, Jira Service Desk and Confluence. Our applications are built by our highly-skilled development team, according to the highest standards. You can trust our professional support team to ensure our Atlassian apps help you to reach the full potential of your solution. Evaluate them today to see what you have been missing out on.

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Doublecheck for Jira Service Management

“Keep Your Internal Comments Internal” - Confirming whether you want to send your comment to a customer

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LoginFree for Jira Service Management

LoginFree for Jira Service Management - Server. Get the “login-free portal” Experience as known from Jira Cloud

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UnView for Jira Server and Data Center

Manage work log visibility for Privacy or Compliance purposes required by Works Councils/Betriebsrat - Driven by GDPR…

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WebBooster for Jira

Speed Up Jira Page Loading/Fix super batch.js caching issue in Jira

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StoryPoints & Agile Tools for Jira

Let’s stick to the (Story) Point - Improve Agile Estimation

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Portal Styler for JSM

With “Portal Styler for Jira Service Desk” you can modify and extend the customer portals CSS.

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ReVitalized Issue Collector for Jira

Adding Spam Prevention and Style to the good old Jira Issue Collector

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Maintenance Mode for Jira (the Original)

‘Maintenance Mode for Jira’ - Backend based, control and prevent user access during Changes or Upgrades to your Jira...

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WebHooks for Confluence Server

Create as many WebHooks as you like, even for different Integrations and Systems.

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