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Cloud computing and the creation of a cloud strategy is seen by CIOs and CEOs as the foundation for digital business, that’s why the Accxia ONE Cloud is at the core of what we do. The largest Atlassian private cloud in Europe, the Accxia ONE Cloud is our digital web, binding together all of our services and apps. 


The Accxia ONE Cloud is more than hosting, it provides a platform that adds significant business value to processes. Create the ultimate framework to facilitate your new Cloud-native approach that prioritises control, security and scalability all whilst saving your business from technical debt and waste, which is on the up in 2022.

With our private data centres securely located in Germany, you don’t have to worry about your data being compromised in transit across the globe, as is the case with other cloud services.

Europe's Largest Private Cloud for Atlassian 


Accxia ONE Cloud

Europe’s largest Atlassian cloud service

Security, Scalability and Control

Migrations and Integrations

Eliminate your tech debt with our migrations integrations and consolidation services

Apps and Microservices

 Cloud-native Apps to enable zero-touch automation of critical processes

Who we’ve helped

LV Bdf-2 Aldi Moonpig-2 Deutsche Post DHL Telefonica SSG-1 Allianz AOK PPF Vivace Vodafone

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