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We recently sponsored the Acronis #CyberFit Summit at Acronis’ HQ in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, where we heard from many of the world’s leading IT cyber protection specialists.

It was fascinating to hear so many insights into the cyber security issues businesses are currently facing and what steps are being taken to deal with them.

We thought we’d share with you some of the key takeaways from the event, in case you weren’t able to attend or simply wanted a recap, so you can better understand the nature of the current cyber security threat and manage this issue going forwards.

Comprehensive Cyber Protection is Needed

About half a million new viruses are being created every day, and these are expanding to target MacOS, Linux and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

For example, we heard that new MacOS malware increased by a staggering 1,157% during 2020. And in September, Acronis [cyber protect software] blocked 27% more threats on MacOS and 31% more on Linux.

At the same time, software supply chain attacks have been on the up, exposed unpatched servers are being targeted and the Ransomware and Phishing threat continues to grow.

For a measure of the impact this can have, MSP CompuCom lost $8 million in revenue and paid $20 million in clean-up costs after it was compromised by DarkSide ransomware earlier this year.

Cyber threats are expanding everywhere, and this means that a more holistic cyber protection approach is needed to protect both yourself and your customers, which encompasses different operating systems and MSPs.

Digital Borders to be Implemented

Serguei Beloussov, the founder of Acronis, believes digital borders are likely to be introduced in the next decade or so.

He pointed out that many local and national state authorities across the world are introducing local privacy regulations, rules and standards. Furthermore, he pointed out that one-fifth of the global population doesn't speak English.

This, he believes, makes it inevitable that some form of digital border system will be put in place in the medium-term, so legal and cultural variations in different parts of the world can be reflected.

Edge Devices Must be Secured

Edge devices, featuring hybrid architectures, decentralised networks and autonomous execution - are increasingly being used in industries such as agriculture.

They make use of multiple devices managed by a smart controller, effectively a server, and generate lots of data. For instance, many Edge devices are equipped with high-quality cameras that can capture detailed images, and their brains are getting cleverer.

However, the networks they run on are not getting faster, and since Edge devices are increasingly being embraced in homes and offices, this raises concerns over the privacy of consumers and businesses.

Every Tech Advance Creates New Challenges

It is an ever-evolving industry that is having a profound impact on how we live and work. For instance, homes and offices are increasingly being filled with smart devices such as cameras, TVs, fitness equipment and appliances, while the use of robotics in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and oil and gas is growing.

But as IT becomes more complex, it becomes more vulnerable as well, and each jump in technology creates new challenges that need to be overcome, such as security and privacy issues.

However, the automation of certain processes and procedures can help to streamline this complexity and enable greater outcomes for businesses and their clients.

Managed Service Providers Worried About Clients Being at Risk

The vast majority (97 %) of MSPs [and SaaS providers] are worried about the threat of their clients suffering a cyber security breach in the next 12 months - and these fears may be justified.

In fact, figures presented at the summit showed that cybercrime has gone up by 600% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, 49% of their businesses admitted that their clients don’t completely trust the security of their SaaS providers or MSPs.

This suggests that boosting confidence over this issue needs to be an increasing priority for MSPs and SaaS providers over the coming months.


As the scale and sophistication of cyber security threats continue to grow, it’s important for you to take steps to increase your resilience.

Have you included IT security in your wider business interruption plans? Do you have a strategy in place to reduce your vulnerability? Are you able to adapt your tech infrastructure and assets in line with changing threats and business needs?

With SaaS providers and MSPs becoming increasingly concerned about the threats faced by their clients, significant regulatory changes on the horizon, and different types of technology advancing at different rates, it’s vitally important for you to have a system in place that lets you deal with these challenges with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.

Accxia ONE Cloud - A Scalable and Flexible Solution

Here at Accxia, we have a product that may be of use to you, and one that effectively manages and mitigates many of the risks we’ve discussed.

Accxia ONE Cloud hosts Europe’s largest private PaaS Cloud for Atlassian tools, along with a Cyber Secure Cloud to ensure that all IT assets are protected.

This gives our clients an agile, scalable and flexible resource, which helps to mitigate technical and commercial debt while helping to speed up their digital transformation.

ONE Cloud is a highly secure service and we can host all your IT requirements within our cloud.

Click here to find out more about Accxia One Cloud

We’ve been an Atlassian Partner since 2012 and were named an Acronis Cyber Services Partner earlier this year, and have the knowledge and expertise to keep your IT assets secure.

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