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Risk Management

1 min read

Atlassian continues to wind down its Server products and new price increases are announced for advantaged plan customers.

There are key changes being implemented next month (February 15, 2022) that will affect the vast majority of Atlassians customer base who are running Server or Data Center instances. Here’s a quick summary of the changes going into effect;

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2 min read

Cyber Attacks Cause Billions in Damages

Cyber attacks in the home office cause billions in damages

The home office is an open door for cyber criminals, says the German Economic Institute. The IT at home is less well protected than at the company location - hacker attacks caused billions in...

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In our quest to offer Cloud Native micro-services to our clients we have developed ARC-M (Automated Regulatory Compliance-Management), a centralised automated distribution solution for effective regulatory compliance management for  the financial...

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