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Episode Title:-🇺🇸Verizon’s Change Agent🇺🇸

Another inspirational episode on Heads Talk today. I am delighted to say this week’s episode with Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President & Group #CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, was filled with so much information about the organisation's modus operandi and in parallel we get to find out a bit more about Ronan's #Leadership, passions and drivers.  

He is one of those individuals you can listen to all day long and not realise the time. It was such a relaxing conversation and I had to remind myself that he is responsible for over 100 million customers and approximately $100 billion turnover in the US for Verizon.  

Ronan hypothesized on many of the issues and challenges we face today in terms of sustainability, youth education, demographics and so many more. You’ll have to download to get all the details.

Topics Covered:  #VerizonsApproach #5G #OneYoungWorld #CorporateSocialResponsibility #VR #Coalitions #5GTransformativePower #Legacy

So download⏳grab a cup of @Bancha Tea☕️& have a listen🛋
Full episode:-

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Next week, Elaine is thrilled to say Heads Talk will have Amy Lo, Co-Head of UBS Wealth Management Asia Pacific and the #ChiefExecutive of UBS Hong Kong 🇭🇰UBS, The Netflix of Banking🇭🇰. I have been waiting to have this conversation with Amy for a while. So really glad with this episode and please do make a note for next week! Fabulous discussion.


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