Something Powerful

Key Learnings from the #Cyber Fit World Tour

The Cyber world is becoming ever more complex:

  • 300% increase in cyber attacks during the pandemic
  • 69% spend more time managing cyber security than actually protecting against threats
  • 57% of attacks are missed by traditional antivirus solutions

The Solution

Safety - Nothing is lost, there's always a copy for recovery
Accessibility - Access to your cyber protected data from anywhere at any time
Privacy - Control over visibility and access
Authenticity - Proof that a copy is an exact replica of the original
Security - Protection against bad actors

Next Generation Cyber Protection

  • Advanced AI based behavioural detection engine for zero-day attack prevention
  • Reliable backup and recovery
    • Full-image and file level backup and disaster recovery, and meta data collection for security forensics - prerequisite for cyber insurance
  • Enterprise Protection Management
    • URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, patch management, remote management, drive health

The Accxia ONE Cloud, the world's only private cloud integrating world-leading cyber protection with your Atlassian products in a cost effective, secure and controlled cloud. Accxia protects your IT assets and IT budgets compared to the Atlassian Cloud.


Unique concept. Unique solutions.
Unique Cloud.

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Why choose Accxia?

We operate Europe’s largest Private Cloud for Atlassian solutions.

  • Business driven technology solutions to manage return on technology assets
  • Solutions that provide control, security, scalability, flexibility and enhanced usability for users at all levels
  • Atlassian and infrastructure specialists
  • Certified expert engineers
  • Atlassian Gold Solution Partner and marketplace vendor
  • Acronis and Bitdefender Gold Partner
  • Offices in Germany, UK & USA
  • Accxia Systems Integrations
  • Accxia Cyber Security managed service provider

Our clients

Accxia ONE Cloud vs Public Cloud

Accxia ONE Cloud Public Cloud
Dedicated resource Shared/pooled resource
Operated and fully managed by Accxia cloud engineers 24*7 Operated and managed by service provider engineers
Fixed monthly cost Variable TCO
Fully customizable Limited customization
Define your own management policies Bound by multi-tenant data management policies
Privately shared virtualized resource Publicly shared virtualized resources
A cluster of dedicated customers Supports multiple customers
High level of data security and safety Low level of data security and safety
Supports connectivity over internet AND private network Supports connectivity over the internet
Dedicated customer architecture Multitenant architecture