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Europe's largest Private Cloud for Atlassian Solutions

Private Cloud as a Solution is at the core of what we do.

We build and operate business-driven technology solutions managed from within the Accxia Private Cloud.

Cloud computing and the creation of a Cloud strategy is seen by CIOs and CEOs as the foundation for digital business.

Our Enterprise PaaS Management can help IT and business leaders work as partners to drive quick wins and improve strategic decision-making.

We also recognise that Control, Security and Scalability are the key drivers for success in the digital world.


"Cost cutting is certainly a major initiative across all companies, because they’re trying to address the downturn. However, understanding and managing a company’s SaaS portfolio is also increasingly critical because of the impacts SaaS exposure has on risk and security, driven by a newly remote and shifting workforce.” — Michael Lines, CISO at Cleanshelf

As Cloud investments continue to increase in 2021, technical debt and waste, in the form of redundant licenses, partially used subscriptions and duplicated tools, is rampant and hard to keep track of.


Private Cloud

The largest Private Cloud in Europe for Atlassian Solutions


Migrations and Integrations

Migrations, Integrations and Consolidations to eliminate technical debt


Apps and Microservices

Cloud-native Apps to enable zero-touch automation of critical processes

Cloud Strategy

Your Cloud strategy clearly defines the business outcomes your organisation seeks, and how you get there. CIOs may start with a strategy that focuses the Cloud effort on selected business goals. This focus will speed up achieving the ultimate business outcomes.

At Accxia we ensure that you think beyond just installing a set of technologies, but instead adopt a Cloud service approach to ensure you gain from the migration into the Cloud.



Our market leading Enterprise Cloud services offer fully configurable instances. We offer Enterprise-specific optional services such as:

  • Staging server creation & maintenance
  • VPN gateway through our clients’ networks
  • Server-level redundancy including geo-redundancy
  • NodeJS Automation
  • API Staging- and Testing Environment
  • Task- and Data-Automation Services

Secure and flexible

The Accxia CLOUD is more than hosting, it provides a platform that adds significant business value to our clients’ processes. The Accxia CLOUD is the ultimate environment to create a Cloud-first application framework to facilitate a new Cloud-native approach to microservices for agility and ease of reuse.

We host our clients’ instances and data at ISO:27001 compliant data centres in Germany offering the highest security of your data. Flexibility and speed are crucial to us. Accxia’s Cloud services can be augmented with a flexible CDN infrastructure across the globe to ensure speed in all your locations.


Seemless Integration

We offer a broad portfolio of Atlassian and Grape CLOUD options designed to enable customers to optimise their investment in Atlassian, Grape and related technologies, not least SAP.

When you choose our Private Cloud, you can expect the highest standard of service. We provide comprehensive management, including the operating system, infrastructure and other third-party software.

We cater for a broad range of needs, from pre-configured systems for short-term proof of concepts, to enterprise-grade, multi-instance geo-redundant environments.


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