Communications Integration

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Communications Integration

Secure | private | enterprise wide


Grape: The Secure autobahn of communication

We are excited to be a global Grape Partner.

Grape allows us to put your integrated communication vision into practice.

We combine voice, video and messaging with deep integration with Jira and Confluence. 

We enjoy using the internal messaging solution ourselves for many reasons. The integrations with the Atlassian suite are extremely flexible and powerful as is the ease with which we can invite customers into channels for collaboration.

Unified Communication


Why Grape?

The software provides a messaging environment across multiple platforms including mobile. The integration with video conferencing software provides high quality conferencing capabilities and most of all we have control over the security and location of our messaging data.


Secure video, voice and text conversations that happen inside your favourite business tools.

Grape is an enterprise messaging workspace under IT control that users love. It solves many of the common problems that organisations encounter with SaaS messaging platforms by providing:

  • Support for enterprise-wide workflow
  • Secured within your network
  • Data sovereignity
  • Highly configurable & compliant
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Highly scalable
  • Custom branding

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