JIRA Service Desk by Atlassian is a cost-effective Service Desk that includes a knowledge base, self-service, automation, SLAs and CSAT reporting – at a much lower price than Service Now.

If you’re looking to replace Service Now with JIRA, Accxia can help you make the move. Get in touch to start the conversation.

So why switch to JIRA Service Desk?

Well, there are lots of reasons. In particular:


It’s much cheaper

1/5 of the price, in fact. JIRA Service Desk costs from $20 per agent, per month. If you’re coming from Service Now, that means you’ll see almost instant returns on investment.

The big difference in price means larger IT teams in particular will see significant savings.


It’s quicker and easier to set up

Typical setup time for JIRA Service Desk is around 1.2 months. That surprises a lot of our clients moving from Service Now, which takes around 4.5 months to go live.


It’s simpler

With just one service desk application for any use case, you won’t need to configure and pay for different modules across your business. JIRA Service Desk has customizable templates for various purposes, including customer service, IT and business functions (e.g. finance, HR).

That means all areas of your business can have their Service Desk functionality tailored to their part of the business.


Cloud based or on-site

The choice is yours. Run JIRA Service Desk remotely in the cloud, or run it on your own servers. There are pros and cons of each – get in touch and we’ll help you decide which is better for your business.


It’s highly rated

JIRA Service Desk is rated #1 on Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular ITSM Software and their Top 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software. What better combination could there be?

It’s also the Top Rated IT Service Management Software on Trust Radius, and G2 Crowd Service Desk Leader 2017.


How do I get started with JIRA Service Desk?

Unless you already have the expertise within your business to manage the migration to JIRA Service Desk, you’ll need someone who can.

That’s where Accxia can help. Get in touch and one of our Atlassian experts will call you back.

Our consultants provide support for all aspects of migrating to JIRA, including:

  • Replacing legacy systems – we’ll find the best approach to ensure your existing environment can be transferred to JIRA with the minimum of hassle.
  • Performance – we’ll tweak your applications for maximum performance on your systems, before and after migration.
  • Operations – we can replicate your existing workflows for a smooth transition to JIRA – or build new ones that optimise your processes and increase efficiency.
  • Dashboards – we can develop dashboards that provide your developers with all the information they need at a glance.
  • Training – we’ll make sure your workforce is up to speed with all things JIRA.

Migrating any application carries an element of risk – even those that are not directly involved in line of business operations. The same is  also true of JIRA migrations – they can (and do) fail without proper planning and execution.

Define security frameworks early

Whether you need to protect corporate IP or customer information, securing your JIRA install must be a priority. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force next year, losing personal data could result in a fine of up to 4% of your global turnover.

Take the time to plan your security structure in advance, taking advantage of JIRA’s ability to limit access to data on a user, group or project basis. By building security into the platform from the outset, you are much less likely to encounter problems and gaps following completed migration. You can solve the security problems that affect your current project management system at the same time too.

Performance tune regularly

The performance of your new JIRA project management system will be critical to uptake and the overall perception of migration success. You should arrange to have your JIRA install benchmarked and tuned (preferably on a regular schedule) to ensure that the system continues to offer peak performance.

Use workflows to streamline operations

Your development teams have established ways of working, and a JIRA migration project offers a unique opportunity to monitor and assess them all. These observations can then be used to build optimised workflows that streamline development operations, saving everyone time and effort.

Effective workflows will be crucial to improving development outcomes and maximising the return on your JIRA investment.

Extend the JIRA platform to add functionality

Although JIRA is incredibly effective for managing projects, there may be times you discover a “missing” feature that would further improve your outcomes. This is especially true if your existing management platform uses plugins for specific functions that are not available in a vanilla JIRA install.

Work with your JIRA migration partner to identify these functional shortfalls and the third party plugins that will give you what you need.

Give users what they need with dashboards

The ability to access key metrics can help developers and project managers make decisions more quickly and effectively. JIRA’s dashboard feature is designed specifically for this reason, so make sure you identify the information each user needs, then build a dashboard to display it.

You will probably find that the specific metrics are identified as you are building the workflows required to keep projects moving forwards.

Get specific with customisations

Sometimes you will find that the specific requirements of your projects require features that cannot be bought off the shelf. In order to save money in the short term, many businesses try and force their processes to match the software.

This is a false economy that leads to mistakes, inefficiencies and a lower return on investment. Instead you should invest in the additional customisations that will make JIRA match your operations – the ensuing improvements in performance, efficiency and output will quickly recoup the costs.

Still stuck?

With so many factors to consider, it is easy to make mistakes with your own JIRA migration, particularly if you’ve never worked with the platform before. Accxia’s team of Atlassian experts have many years experience in JIRA migration projects – give us a call today and let us help you avoid these pitfalls and complete your deployment successfully. 


Unsere langjährige Erfahrung mit Atlassian Produkten hat uns eines gelehrt: Der Umgang mit den Produkten ist meist sehr intuitiv.

Will man jedoch das volle Potenzial ausschöpfen, muss man sich intensiv einarbeiten und verbringt sehr viel Zeit mit der Lektüre der offiziellen Dokumentation. Um sowohl die alltägliche Arbeit mit den Produkten, den Einstieg in neue Produkte oder komplexere Sachverhalte zu meistern, bieten wir diverse Schulungen an. 

Atlassian Schulung

Als Atlassian Authorized Training Partner bieten wir verschiedene Schulungen an. 

Wir wollen unser Wissen weitervermitteln. Ob Halbtags- oder mehrtägige Trainings, Online oder vor Ort, wir passen die Inhalte an Ihre Bedürfnisse an.

Accxia ist seit Dezember 2016 Mitglied des “Altassian Certification Advisory Panel”. Dies ist eine sehr kleine, ausgewählte Gruppe von Partnern die weltweit einen Beitrag zu den Atlassian-Zertifizierungsprüfungen und dem gesamten Zertifizierungsprozess leisten.

Darauf aufbauend, werden wir ab Ende Januar 2017 Altassian Certification Bootcamps anbieten, beginnend mit klassenorientierter Ausbildung in München und New York. Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter: Atlassian Schulung

If our years of experience with Atlassian products have taught us anything, it’s that they are usually very intuitive to use. However, if you really want to exploit their full potential, there’s a lengthy “working in” period – and you also have to spend a long time reading the official documentation.

We offer a variety of training courses to help you master your day-to-day work with the products, get to know new products, and tackle more complex situations.

Official Atlassian JIRA training Partner

As an Atlassian Authorized Training Partner, we offer a wide range of training courses. 

We want to share our knowledge. Whether you’re looking for training lasting half a day or multiple days, online or on site, we tailor the material to your needs.

Find out more visit our Atlassian Training page.

Most recently, in December 2016, Accxia has become a member of the “Altassian Certification Advisory Panel”.

This is Atlassian’s tribute to a very small, selected group of Partners worldwide for their contribution to the Atlassian certification exams and overall certification process.

JIRA is a highly customizable and versatile tool that can be used for many things, from simple issue tracking to the management of large-scale projects.
JIRA is a highly customizable and versatile tool used for simple issue tracking to the complex management of large-scale projects.

When it comes to Compliance requirements the tool’s versatility could pose an unsurmountable obstacle to implement your most ambitious and business critical projects.

A simple, but immensely important feature such as Time Tracking can cause concerns with your Works Councils as they require you to anonymize the data.

Within JIRA, the change history and activity streams display information related to employee time logging and performance, which, by default, can be viewed by anyone who has access to your JIRA instance. Works Councils all over the world require these entries to be invisible or anonymized, which has been impossible in JIRA. Up to Now!


Integration into your JIRA server system is simple, seamless and doesn’t require you to make changes to any of your other systems.

Finally, you can now use JIRA for time logging, safe in the knowledge that your employee data is fully anoymized.