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... when moving to the Atlassian cloud?

Well, unfortunately the answer is YES! The move to Atlassian Cloud and Data Center tiered licensing will impact I.T. budgets globally.

This surge in costs will make the need for efficient license management a number one priority for managers and budget holders alike.

Critical savings on license costs, including Atlassian Marketplace Apps, can be achieved with Intelligent User Management (IUM). IUM is a solution designed and available exclusively through Accxia ensuring that all active users can use the Atlassian tools, whilst inactive users are temporarily placed in the so-called "disabled" bucket until they become active again. IUM manages this process seamlessly in the background, unnoticed by users - trusted by many.

Why move to the next Atlassian user bracket tier if you really don't have to? Why not consolidate your Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket instances with Accxia?

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IUM Saves Money!

IUM allows organisations to optimise licenses and as a result stay at a lower User Tier, in some cases at two user tiers below the actual number of registered users. 


IUM Is Compatible!

IUM is compatible with Server and Data Centre installations across all user tiers. Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket versions are available


IUM Conforms!

IUM conforms with all publicly available data processes and interfaces as provided by the Atlassian applications without any interference in the normal functioning of the tools

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