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Thousands of Server Licenses are to stay - and Grow!

Thousands of Server Licenses are to stay - and Grow!

Your Atlassian Server licenses keep on living beyond February, 15th - and can grow with you as you grow your user base.

State of Atlassian Server in 2024

It can be gleaned from Atlassian's Q2 FY24 letter to shareholders stating, at 41%, a better than expected growth of Data Center revenue, that the Server to Cloud migration has been well below expectations. Also, it can be said that the higher license tiers, e.g. 2,000 users and above, migrated to Data Center in greater numbers than expected, whereas a larger than expected number of SMBs (Small and Medium sized Businesses) running on lower tier Server licenses, e.g. 50 to 250 users (or even up to 2,000 users), have opted to stay on Server.

We believe the number is in the thousands, partly evidenced by the fact that Atlassian's Cloud revenue growth came mainly from seat growth of existing customers, and the stated fact that (only) about 42,000 Cloud customers pay in excess of $10k annually.

Your are in good company!

At Accxia we are committed to offer the best and most cost effective solutions to our customers. We have developed IUM already helping many Data Center customers to save 30% and more on their licenses.

What is Version Freeze for Atlassian Server?

Our latest cost saving product is Frozen Release. 

With Accxia's Frozen Release you can continue to operate your server license, and with the help of IUM, grow your Server licenses to the point at which you have received a critical mass of users allowing you to move to Data Center or the Cloud. Mergers and acquisitions or consolidating licenses are typical drivers of growth. 
We think about your budget, because Frozen Release is not only very cost-effective, but also super secure, as we will host it in our secure (German) data center, the Accxia ONE Cloud. 

You also save yourself a time-consuming and sometimes complex migration to the Atlassian Cloud.

Many organisations who operate Atlassian Server licenses of up to 250 users or above can not, for security or cost reasons, move to the Atlassian Cloud. 

Frozen Release by Accxia may be the solution for you. It will give you time to contemplate your next move, 12, 24 or 36 months, by which time things may have changed in your organisation and a move to the Atlassian Cloud or Data Center may make more commercial sense. For instance, if your estate in growing due to acquisitions or restructuring.

Why Keep Atlassian Server?

Operations with larger Atlassian tiers of 500 users and above, all the way up to 10k user tiers and beyond for whom the Data Center deployment is the only option will have a rude awakening when contemplating the costs of migrating from Server to Data Center. The difference can be huge, in some cases up to eight times depending on size and previous license plan.

A migration to our Frozen Release platform in our Accxia ONE Cloud takes hours, not weeks or months, and costs are in the region of your annual Server renewal costs.

Talk to us, if this resonates with you, or leave your details below. Our specialists are able to assess your situation in minutes to give you what you need to make an informed decision.



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