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Atlassian Server EOL - Time to save big

Atlassian Server EOL - Time to save big

Welcome to the fourth quarter, the time when most IT departments are working hard to tie up loose ends and complete projects before the end of the fiscal year. Economic conditions have caused organisations to do more with less. They are tasked with protecting a growing amount of mission-critical projects, often with a shrinking budget.

Fast forward to February, 15th 2024, the End of Life of Atlassian's Server offering. Many organisations have sweated it out to the last possible day, the migration to either the Atlassian Cloud or the Data Center deployment. Both options present decision-makers with a significant cost increase, in many cases three- and four-fold.

Now is the time to review and adjust your Atlassian license spend, to make room for investing in new services and new technology.

We can help! Accxia can reduce the spend on migrating to Data Center licenses by up to 50% making the arduous budget meeting with the CFO that little bit more tenable having to explain why the costs for Atlassian licenses have increased for (virtually) no reason. Sure, some new functionality has now been included, but let's be honest, those enhancements are just about sufficient to ensure the software keeps up with market developments.


Accxia and the Accxia ONE Cloud are independent. Accxia is an Atlassian Solution and Marketplace partner. The Accxia ONE Cloud provides a cyber protected geo-redundant backup and recovery platform as a service with access to over 40 cyber secure data centers across the globe.