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The Problem: Jira Work Logs Viewable By Everyone

As you know, Jira’s time logging capability enables users to log time such as work, training, holidays and sickness against issues. That information however is then available in a number of activity streams to ALL users... not ideal.

Certain types of Jira deployment require access to work logs information to be restricted to only authorised users. Examples of such use cases include;

  • Professional services businesses or agencies that collaborate with end clients using a Jira instance. Such companies may wish to log their time within the Jira projects but not share those time logs from within Jira with their clients

  • Organisations that have statutory privacy or compliance issues relating to personal information may also need to restrict access to viewing time log information

The solution

UnView for Jira addresses these requirements by restricting viewing access to work log information to predefined groups of users or Project Roles.

Additionally, the Time Tracking Details Panel visibility will be limited to users assigned to the selected group or Project Role. It will be hidden for anyone else.

UnView for Jira is an app endorsed and approved by Atlassian that when enabled, works transparently for an end user. They continue to have all the standard Jira features to add and view their own work log information.

Configuration is possible through an easy to use whitelist approach where an administrator determines which groups of users have access to view work log information.


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