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Intelligent Atlassian Solutions

With over 15 years of experience and highly qualified staff, our sole aim is to provide you with intelligent solutions.

Accxia is a trusted Atlassian Solution Partner with a proven track record. Our consultants are best of breed and certified by Atlassian.

Our clients trust in our expertise to make your digital transformation a success.



Why our Clients Choose Accxia

Intelligent Atlassian Solutions

Excellent service is what you can expect from us, without exception, combined with intelligent solutions that add tangible value to our clients in form of cost savings, efficiency and scalability de-risking your business.

We will assist you in identifying a solution to your goal, guiding you through to successful implementation and operation.


"The bank has the highest security requirements that prohibit external access to our Jira instances. The Accxia Bridge enables data transmission from external sources without compromising our security - it is part of their Intelligent Atlassian Solutions toolkit.

Innovative and brilliant!"

Hauck & Aufhäuser, Private Bankers Frankfurt and London

  • Strict  focus on intelligent Solutions
  • In-house Development team for a fast Solution to your Challenges
  • Enterprise grade Service and flexible 24/7 Support
  • Management of your entire Stack, Processes and Infrastructure, including BPO and ITO
  • A trusted Atlassian and Grape Solution Partner
  • Private Cloud complying with the highest Security standards and guaranteed Data Residency in Germany

SAP and Atlassian Integration

Increase the usability of your SAP ecosystem and integrate your systems with the Atlassian toolset! Get the best of both worlds, no data loss with increased benefits.

Ever more business models are driven by the intelligent use of data enabled by deploying increasingly complex and diverse IT systems.

The IT world has been in a state of flux over the years. Convergence, integrations and consolidations into single platforms are on most CIOs’ agendas. Many legacy systems and platforms are in need of unification.


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Analytics through Data Integration

SAP is one of the core platforms within an organisation covering most, if not all, business areas from ERP and Finance to HR and Procurement.

Atlassian tools have become essential for companies to collaborate at scale and Atlassian estates worldwide are growing fast.

Both worlds have their benefits, however combining both gives the advantage of synchronised data and the benefits that entails.

We combine structured and unstructured data in our Accxia Private Cloud using high performance enterprise databases such as MariaDB, the leading open source database for transaction processing at scale.

Deployed as an analytics database using columnar storgage and MPP (Massively Parallel Processing), we can perform ad-hoc queries on hundreds of billions of rows without creating indexes, massively reducing processing time.

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Cost Savings

In addition, cost savings can be achieved through the integration. Despite the fact that SAP tools are amongst the most functionally comprehensive, and the fact that SAP allows for additional tailored and customisable features and/or extensions, even the best Add-ons take a substantial amount of time and cost to be implemented.

The use and integration with Atlassian and the wider use of DevOps and collaboration tools can avoid these costs.

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The Benefit to you

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Increased User


SAP and
Atlassian Experts







SAP and Atlassian Uses


HR Processes

Onboarding sheets including personal assets, which are managed in Jira but assigned to every employee in the Atlassian Jira instance. Trainings, certifications, legal tasks, etc, can be synchronized with SAP for instance.

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Recurring maintenance is synchronised with Jira to plan the maintenance e.g. changing tires on company cars. A maintenance order is submitted (via SAP) and the responsible person gets a task on their Jira Task Board.

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Create reports and excel sheets using SAP data that is then published as an Atlassian Confluence page. Keeping track of reporting and support including the participation of your employees with licences and end-users..

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Accxia enters into a Strategic Partnership with Lupus Consulting 

Lupus Consulting is our strategic alliance partner providing SAP expertise as well as near shore support from their base in Budapest.

We have recently agreed to merge our Atlassian license business in a new UK listed company called AccxiaLupus Ltd to pool our resources and offer an even better service to our customers.


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